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Infrastructure Facilities Availability

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Information about Permanent Premises

Information about our new campus (Permanent Premises)
Information about our new campus (permanent premises) The norms and standards for the B.ED. Courses as given in appendix 3-14 in the N.C.T.E. Regulation 2002 Dated 13-12-2002 under heading “infrastructural facilities”. In the light of above provision all the institution Which was granted recognition in temporary premises for a period of three year. Rented building should have been shifted to their permanent building After the expiry of 3 academic year.(2009) In the light of above provisions and following the guideline given by N.C.T.E. ,after the successful completion of our 3 academic session in the old campus, we are proud to go ahead with our new session in our new campus situated at backside government referral hospital, bus stand, Delwara N.H.8. Collage purchased 5 Beegha (1, 43,125 sq ft. or (12750 S.M.) land on 28-11-05 for the conversation held at collector Rajasthan on 26/12/06-5339 S.M. or 2.2 bigha land.
(59895sf.).For the use of college building. As per N.C.T.E. building construction is complete on 18/01/2010. Buuilding shifting application move on 30/03/2010 to N.C.T.E./ N. R. C. Jaipur with 40,000 D.D. shifting charge fee and our classes starting new campus session 2010. Our new campus building built aria is 16,600 sqf. at ground floor plus 6147 sqft at first floor total 22747 sqft as per N.C.T.E. norms.

Information about library and reading Room :- Maintaining the rich heritage of self study And analysis, a large portion on our new campus in dedicated to the same. Our library is equipped with the books of latest knowledge and updated information. We have 6,923 books in our library and the number in increasing day by day. All these books are full of latest knowledge and avail updated information about all compulsory and optional subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, General science, Physics And Home science In Science and Hindi, Political Science, History, Economics and social Studies in art. Apart from this our library provides the valuable knowledge in the from of Encyclopedia, thesaurus, reference books, magazine and daily newspapers. While following the N.C.T.E. norms we also provide quarterly, fortnightly, monthly. Half yearly and yearly journals subscribed from N.C.T.R.T. and department of education from times in our library. We have more then 6000 books in our library.
Information about science :- Well equipped Labs are available in all subjects’ likes biology, Chemistry, Physics, General science, and Home science.
Information about E.T. Lab :- There are Overhead Projector, slide projector, CD, VCD player, Television and Tape Recorders available. Maps, charts, models, globe, outlines and rollup boards also available.
Information about Computer Lab :- A well furnished computer Lab has 20 computers, 2Printers, 1 Photo Copier and Internet facility. It has 36 students sitting capacity at one time for practical exercise.
Information about Psychology Lab :- About 40 Psychological tests and 6 aperatus are available about per N.C.T.E. and M.L.S University, Udaipur. Norms. It has 25 students sitting capacity at one time for practical exercise.
Information about Hostel:- Rented building is available with 30 seats. Hostel has well equipped modern facility of lat-bath as per norms.
Information about subjects :- Science Faculty :-Maths, Chemistry, Biology, General science, Physics And Home science.
Arts Faculty:-Hindi, Political Science, History, Economics and social Studies
Coms faculty:- book keeping and C.P.
Fee Structure :- Order session fee structure will be as per the orders of Govt. of Rajasthan.
Admission Procedure :- As per N.C.T.E. and Rajasthan Govt. Admission Procedure.
Name of the Affiliation University ;- Mohan lal Shukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan.
Academic session:- Current Year
Safety Majors:- The College building is being constructed according to the norms and laws of govt. of India. Total safety and Security norms are followed. fire safty also available. (2013-14)
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